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760 Confederate Ave

760 Confederate Ave Grant Park

Date:19 Nov, 2014

760 Confederate Ave

Despite driving past the building for years, Philippe had overlooked it – too expensive he thought…. Until the owners of Lark and Sparrow, Jody Hill and Linda Sharp, approached Philippe about making this Lark and Sparrow’s first location.

The building was home to 3 large trees growing out of the back, which were the result of over 15 years of vacancy. Originally built in 1926, the brick walls were failing, the glass storefront was falling apart, and the interior was gutted. With the encouragement and energy that Lark and Sparrow demonstrated for the project, a vision was born. Plans and permitting commenced, variances and historic reviews did too, and then in May of 2014, Pellerin Real Estate acquired 760 Confederate. It took months, but Technaserv Corporation skillfully completed the delicate demolition before restoring and rebuilding.

Lark and Sparrow opened in March 2015. In addition, Balanced Fit Life opened in July 2015 where they host an array fitness classes and other ways to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Gabler Younston opened in the 3rd and final space in the Winter of 2015.