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Harp Transmission

Date:30 Nov, 2016

Harp Transmission

The Harp Transmission Building is located at 350 Memorial Drive SE, Atlanta GA 30312 in the Grant Park Neighborhood of Atlanta. The property was acquired in July 2016 through a joint venture between Pellerin RE and Clark Property.

Ahead of transforming the Harp site into a 36,000-square-foot Mixed Use Development, Pellerin is looking to restore the existing automotive service structure for immediate use of an amusement bar which signed a lease in October 2016 and expects to open by Spring 2017. The business would use the space for a minimum of 6 months and up to three years before the new additions are constructed.

The soon-to-be-announced concept will feature an array of family friendly games that also serve adults seeking an exciting night of gaming out with friends. The concept will create a new dynamic for how the surrounding park gets activated and draws the community Harp Transmission Redevelopmentto the Memorial Drive Corridor.